Not your stuffy wine shop: Sip D'Vine

7829 SW Capitol Highway

In historic Multnomah Village, across from Fat City Cafe, Sweets Etc., and Topanien

Sunday through Thursday, 1pm - 8pm;
Friday and Saturday, 1pm - 9pm;
Closed on Mondays

(503) 977-WINE (9463)

Proud sponsor of the Multnomah Village Bloc's Initiative

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Thank you to everyone's good wishes and enthusiasm for our 13 years in the Village.  We've met so many wonderful people - it's been amazing.  Thank you for supporting local businesses!

First Friday is April 3rd!  Come see what's new in the Village.  But before you do, get a massage and bottle of wine!

Pulp Gulp is back!  Friday, April 10.  "The Fantasy Voyage". Steam Punk warriors, vampires, time travel and more! Zesty short stories by talented actors - much fun!  Seating 7:30, preformance 8 - 9pm.  Suitable for those old enough to drink wine. $5 -$10 suggested donation (but join us in any case)

We have an impressive selection and are here to help.  Case discounts - mixed cases, too!  All budgets.

Stock up and Save!

We have Private Preserve - an inert gas for preserving your wine at home!  Also, WINE AWAY red wine stain remover - just in case you spill or dribble.  It's biodegradable and made right here in the Northwest!  Yes, it works!

While you sip and shop for bottles, take the opportunity to enjoy the art by Jan Rimerman.  Jan is known for her colored pencil, watercolor and mixed media images.  Appearing throughout the Northwest and United States, Rimerman's goal is to give "individuals a glimpse of wonder and magic in our confusing world."  Inspired by exploring new places, Jan achieves her goal through interpretations of light and shape. More info of Jan's work is at


We have Saffron Fields Pinot Noir!!

Sineann Block 1 Cab, and Sineann's first time Red Mountain Cabernet! Very limited production - elegant, powerful, gorgeous!

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Great new wines coming in every week.  Rich, warm, furry reds, crisp whites, and BUBBLES!


Check out our great big sidewalk!

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Dare to Drink NW!

NEW wines everywhere, coming in every day.  Some listed on Recent Arrivals & Secret Treasures...


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Check out our tasting tips...Tip #1 is the favorite tip of winemakers far and wide...


We have new Pinot in 375s - the personal size.  Check them out!


Cool Fridge!       We've added a cool fridge to have many more whites, sweets and sparkling chilled and ready for you!  Grab a few bottles on your way to dinner or the weekend.  


Tasting Tips
Good for any big tasting trip, we've put together a few tasting tips to make it an enjoyable weekend for everyone.
1) GO NAKED!  This means NO perfume or cologne.  Rely on your natural charms and allow others in close quarters to smell the wine, instead of Chanel #5.
2) Share tastes.  This saves on cost, your taste buds and liver.  Don't be afraid to use the dump bucket, it's not an insult.  Save yourself for wines you really want to spend time with.
3)  Take notes.  They don't have to be long and involved, even a 1 through 5 point system will help you remember which was your favorite the next day, or the next trip to your favorite wine shop.
4)  Designate a driver, or hire a young person to drive you.
5)  Plan on a few wineries, but keep your options open for recommendations you get on the road or new discoveries.  They don't all have to be tasted in one day.  The important part is to have fun, discover new wines and old favorites. 

If you don't want to fight the crowds, come taste the 15 wines (including Robert Ramsay) we have open right here in Multnomah Village!  Relax and save your gas.  Taste proven wines and don't forget our 15% case discount!

Shop Locally                                                            Support Local Businesses                                           When you shop locally, three times more of your hard-earned money stays in the local economy.  When you shop online, that number goes to ZERO.  Think Local, Shop Locally.  We're here for you.

We're Wireless! Yes, you can enjoy a fine glass of wine and telecommute - talk about multitasking! Bring in your laptop and get connected while you taste.


Close to Downtown, Sip D' Vine is a great place to rediscover Northwest wines in a casual atmosphere.  Near OHSU, minutes from Lewis & Clark College as well as Johns Landing we invite you to explore NW wines in Southwest Portland's Multnomah Village.

Featured Wines

Tranche Cellars

Sip D' Vine is proud to announce our new Featured Winery:

Tranche Cellars! This Walla Walla winery has estate vineyards that are carefully and sustainably farmed with the philosophy that wine is made in the vineyard.  Tranche's minimalist winemaking style allows each varietal to show it's unique personality.

Come try these tasty wines!

2011 Tranche

Slice of Pape Blanc

2011 Tranche Chardonnay
2012 Tranche Dolcetto
2010 Tranche Barbera
2010 Tranche Sangiovese
2010 Tranche Syrah
2009 Tranche Slice of Pape
2009 Tranche Cabernet Sauvignon
Other wines are also available but change without notice.

Sunday, August 17th

1pm VIP Entry $50; 3pm General Entry $30

For more information and get tickets now at:

Eventbrite - Multnomah Village Vine & Dine 2014

Recent Arrivals and Secret Treasures

The Rosés are coming! The Rosés are coming!  New releases of DRY rosés are trickling in - some are very small productions so get them fast!

Quilceda Creek from the impressive 2012 vintage. Cabernet and Bordeaux Blend just in.  While quite good now (decant!), these wines will well reward a few years patience!

Burnt Bridge '13 Semillon - Stainless, as it should be, gorgeous fruit!

Reynvaan Family wines '12 The Unnamed, '12 In The Hills

Woodward Canyon '11 Estate Reserve

Prive is back! Yay!  '13 Chehalem Pinot Noir, Port, Melange, Cabernet Franc

Soter '12 Mineral Springs Pinot Noir

Ken Wright '13 Pinot Noirs are in!

Southard '13 Dry Grenache Rose just in! Only a few bottles left!

Leonetti '11 Cabernet Sauvignon

Owen Roe '10 Red Willow Cabernet Sauvignon "1973 Block". Limited & WOW good!

Owen Roe '12 Anna's Vineyard Pinot Noir.  Not made since '08, but worth the wait!

Estrin Cellars - new to Oregon, great Cabs!

Saffron Fields 12 Pinot Noir! Come taste them before your friends get it all!

Sinann '12 Block 1 Cabernet Sauvignon - only 60 cases released.  Primo vintage.  Also just released Sinann '12 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. Very limited.

SNOBBY WINE ALERT!  2011 Quilceda Creek Cabernet is in, AND 2011 Quilceda Creek Red!  We carried this winery way back before they were "discovered".  We said this was a winery not enough people know about. Now very difficult to get.

Result of a Crush!  Heard of Cayuse?  Same winemaker - an affordable Red Table Wine!  WILL NOT LAST!

Hey, we have Cote Bonneville '04 - DuBrul Vineyard!  This has been re-released as a library vertical - and if you go other places, at a Greatly Increased Price.  We knew it was incredible and loaded up the first time.  Come and get it!

Gorgeous Ken Wright 2012 Pinots are in! The new Tanager Vineyard is remarkable!  95 points if you care about that sort of thing.

Sineann O.V. Zin 2012 - Long ago sold out at the winery

WE have Robert Ramsay!  Finally available in Oregon, Syrah, Mourvedre, O.V. Cab, Counoise, Rhone blend - all gorgeous.  Don't believe? Google. We dare you.

Leonetti '11 Merlot

Sineann '11 Champoux Cab - only 50 cases made, both Block 1 AND Baby Poux fruit in this one.  Spectacular! Very limited!

San Juan Vineyards '12 Siegerrebe - we have the only allocation for the entire state of Oregon!  Beautiful, not made since '09!

Soter 09 Mineral Springs Pinot Noir White Label - tiny allocation, this one is worth it!

Quilceda Creek 10 Cab - Very hard to find!

Lodmell!  Great Merlot.  So very good, finally available in Oregon!

We have Adam's Bench!!  '10 "The V" Cab Sauv, '10 Reckoning, '10 Artz & Shaw.  Deep and broody yet elegant.  A must! 

A Walla Walla red wine on the $15 & under shelf - Great deal!  Come and Get.

Ken Wright '11 Pinot Noirs are going fast

Sineann '10 TFL Pinot made exclusively for The French Laundry, 375ml only

Mackey Vineyards 08 Cabernet Sauv, 09 Merlot, 09 RAC - Wonderful wines, rare in Oregon

Brick House '10 Cuvee du Tonnelier - limited

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Adamant Cellars, Syrah, Nalin, and Winemaker's Select Merlot - Great wines from Walla Walla!

The AMAZING Sineann '10 Baby Poux Cab. Cute name, serious Cabernet!

Soter's affordable Pinot Noir - Planet Oregon

Sineann '07, '08, '09, '10, '12 Block One  Only 60 cases released/year. Not made in '11.

Sineann 09 Baby Poux Reserve - 2 bottles left

Whoa Baby! Boudreaux '06 Merlot is soooo good!  ' 08 Cab is incredible!

Sineann 07 Block One!  Only 60 cases released, a rare treat from fruit of the first block planted ('72) in the famed Champoux Vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills.


A few rare treats:  Fielding Hills, Betz, Reynvaan and rare - stunning dessert wines, superb ports!

Remember us when picking up a case or more! There's a 15% case discount which applies to mixed cases as well. We accept orders both by phone at 503-977-9463 and by email at

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